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Chance Encounter || Gabriel (gabetastic) & Eleven (fancyatripinmysexytardis)

Gabriel had been for the longest time, a Trickster. So even after his resurrection, he couldn’t just stop being something that essentially was imbued into his very being. It was to say enjoyable, and slightly on the sadistic side of things, but like always those people deserved what he dished out on them. So it was with a purpose, that Gabriel was at Portland. He was there for another of his Trickster gigs.

Of course, there was the other reason he was there. Strange things have been happening around these parts. Now, the archangel have seen much stranger things, but the amount of incidents in Portland was a troubling anomaly. So while scouting for his victims he would investigate these unusual events, or the other way around. It was during one of the trickster’s rounds that something unusual, something blue caught Gabriel’s eye.

It was to say a strange police box and one wouldn’t expect to see it in Portland. It was more of a British thing really. But that wasn’t what attracted the archangel’s attention. No, it was hardly interesting compared to the fact that this wasn’t a police box, no not really. The police box was a facade that hid a much more complex, and likely alien, machine. Aliens have always interested Gabriel for it was with such complexity that resulted in their creation, much like humanity was. Like humans, aliens could range from the friendliest to the nastiest, and having met more than a few of them, he could say that there was more good in the universe than bad, though it didn’t seem like it at times.

So it was with curiosity that led him to walk up to the not-really-a-police-box and knock on its door, because it seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

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    The Doctor flashed it with a grin, letting the paper be examined. The other sniffed it, sniffed at him and with a glare...